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One Watershed, One Plan;

Lower Minnesota River East

May contain: chart, plot, map, atlas, diagram, and white board

The Lower MN River East Watershed planning area consists of partnerships between local elected leaders and conservation professionals. The partnership is in the process of developing a comprehensive watershed management plan that encompasses the entire planning area.

​According to Minnesota Statutes §103B.801, comprehensive watershed management plans must address: 

  • Surface water and ground water quality protection, restoration, and improvement, including prevention of erosion and soil transport into surface water systems
  • Restoration, protection, and preservation of natural surface water and groundwater storage and retention systems
  • Promotion of groundwater recharge
  • Minimization of public capital expenditures needed to correct flooding and water quality problems
  • Wetland enhancement, restoration, and establishment
  • Identification of priority areas for riparian zone management and buffers
  • Protection and enhancement of fish and wildlife habitat and water recreational facilities

The Lower MN River East partnership was awarded a planning grant from the Board of Water & Soil Resources through the One Watershed, One Plan Program to develop this plan. 


 Cannon River Watershed Joint Powers Organization

The Cannon River Watershed Joint Powers Organization (CRWJPO) was created in 2016 to serve the goal of developing and implementing the Cannon River Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan.  The plan is a document developed with input from stakeholders across the watershed and provides a road map for implementing conservation practices to meet water quality and natural resource management goals for the Cannon River and many lakes and streams within the boundaries of the watershed. Included in the Cannon plan is the Vermillion River watershed within Goodhue County. 

The Cannon River Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan was developed through the Cannon River One Watershed, One Plan planning process with the Minnesota Board of Soil & Water Resources.

The counties and soil and water conservation districts of Goodhue, Dakota, Rice, Steele, Waseca, and Le Sueur, as well as the Belle Creek Watershed District and North Cannon Watershed Management Organization, are all members of the CRWJPO. The organization will receive Clean Water Funds from the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, which will be given to the CRWJPO every two years by BWSR to work towards the plan’s water quality goals.